Charlie Sheds Light on New Wines

Are twin brothers called son-sets? Will reading whilst sunbathing make you well-red? Ever wonder why the Raisin Bran Sun needs sunglasses? Charlie hopes to shed some light on this and more tonight as he pours four wines that pair well with summer shenanigans. We hope to see all your shining faces and an array of new ones as well. 5-7p, 21+

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Charlie New

McManis Pinot Grigio Reg. $11.49 SALE $9.99
First up this week we have the McManis Pinot Gris from our featured winery! Crisp and minerally, this wine is an easy drinker. The nose is full of typical Pinot Gris scents, specifically citrus and stone fruit. On the palate there are loads of lemon, lime, and grapefruit all held together by a strong backbone of acidity. Super refreshing, this is a great bottle to have around as the weather gets even more sweltering, and with a good sale on all the McManis varietals in our Featured Winery Display, now is the perfect time to come grab some.
McManis Chardonnay- Reg. $11.49 SALE $9.99
Up next we have the McManis Chardonnay, a long time store favorite and the second white we have in our Featured Winery display. It’s a fairly balanced Chardonnay with strong fruit presence along side the toasty Oak showing in the nose. The palate is more of the same with pears, light melon and ripe peach flavors. The finish is rich and creamy with the typical butter and vanilla flavors you find in most Chardonnay, but along side that are flavors of sweet bread and banana. Another wonderful bottle as the Summer weather comes to a head, it’s an easy choice to keep around the house for just about anytime!


McMansic Cabernet Sauvignon- Reg. $11.49 SALE  $9.99 



Third up for the evening we the McManis Cabernet Sauvignon, and as you may have guessed, this is also from our Winery Focus display. Much like the Chardonnay, this has been a store favorite for ages, showing that even big name wineries can make great and complex wines. Dark red in color, it pours beautifully with aromas of dark berries and wood tones. The palate is fruit forward, with blackberries and dark cherry flavors that give way into a smokey and tannic finish. Round and creamy in the mouth, it’ll pair great with heavier foods like just about anything you’d throw on a grill. Come check it out while we have it on Feature!


McManis Petit Sirah- Reg. $11.49 SALE $9.99
Last up for the evening we have the McManis Petit Sirah, and at this point I’m sure you can guess why this one is also in the tasting! The heavy hitter of the bunch, this wine is concentrated and dense. Heavy, dark and jammy fruit permeate both the nose and the palate but the wine is still very dry. The mouthfeel and weight of the wine help to soften the fruity blow it initially starts with and gives the wine its wonderful balanced characteristic. It’s not often that Petit Sirah sells faster than any of the other varietals we tasted tonight but this one always does, and with good reason! Come check it out!

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See you tonight!

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