Sanguine and Sophisticated Summer Sippers

Today falls on 7-7-17, regarded as the luckiest Friday in ten years. According to the DailyMail, out of 30,000 people polled on their favorite number, 10% of those polled chose 7 out of an infinite amount of numbers (in case you were wondering, our fav is 48,729,093.) From days of the week and Deadly Sins to Snow White and James Bond’s 007, sevens make today’s date a little more special. So we decided to pour free wine from 5-7 tonight- lucky you! And for those who think it is an unlucky date, there are now only 106 days left until A-Basin opens for ski season!

Count your lucky stars tonight at our lovely wine tasting, every Friday, FREE, from 5-7pm. 21+

PS. It’s Louise(the puppy)’s birthday


Check Out Our July Staff Picks

Charlie New

La Cana Albariño- Reg. $19.99 SALE $16.99
First up this week, or maybe second depending on how the next wine is drinking, we have (the) La Caña Albariño. This bottle is very aromatic on the nose, typical of the variety, with scents of aromatic herbs and fresh white fruits. On the palate it is unctuous, powerful, and fresh, with good acidity, balance, and complexity. The nose is also mirrored here, and expanded on through the dry and clean finish. A store favorite for some time now, we brought this one back to our Warm-Weather-Whites section. It’s a true beauty and just perfect for the rest of the Summer heat.
Mas Donis Rosat- Reg. $13.99 SALE $10.99
Up next we have the Mas Donis Rosat out of Spain. A clear and medium intense pink color this is another beautiful Rosé for the summer. Fresh and aromatic, the nose shows vibrant red fruit notes of strawberry and raspberry; with a hint of  herbal spiciness. Medium to full-bodied and complex on the palate, this wine has a light sweetness that is ripe and fresh, not sugary or thick, and a long fruity finish. A great “porch pounder” as we like to call them around here, this is another Rosé that stands out from the crowds!
Racemi Anarkos Puglia Rosso- Reg. $14.99 SALE               $10.99 
Third up for the evening we have Racemi Anarkos Puglia Rosso, or “Anarkos” if you don’t have 3 minutes to spend saying the name of the wine.  That being said it is an absolutely delicious blend of primitivo, negroamaro and malvasia nera (again, with the names). This wine is lush and velvety, with a beautiful dark red-purple hue. It’s also juicy, intense and rich in the nose, brimming with the smell of violets, deep plums and bitter cherries. The palate explored the same notes as the nose while maintaining structure and elegance. All of this, and it’s organic to boot, don’t miss trying this awesome wine while we have it open!
Angulo Innocenti Malbec- Reg. $18.99 SALE $15.99
Last up for the night we have the Angulo Innocenti Malbec, returning from Malbec Madness! This wine is a beautiful example of the way cool climates affect the Malbec from La Consulta. With a dark, intense purple color the wine shows rich and dark fruit aromas along side of delicate violet notes, another hallmark of La Consulta. On the palate the wine is medium-full bodied with bright acidity and pleasing texture with notes of lush red and black fruits, candied flowers and little noticeable oak. Another wonderful wine to pair with summer foods, don’t miss this one while we have it open!


See you tonight!

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