Exotic Summer Brews

By Robin Loomis

Summer is beer season for us at Pettyjohn’s, and while that has historically meant blondes and lagers, today there are endless unique options to quench your thirst. The micro-breweries seem to be trying to outdo one another as to who can come up with the most exotic ingredients in their summertime quench thirsting concoctions. One thing that unites all summer brews is a lower ABV which allows you to slam em back while playing bocce ball, disc golf, sitting by the pool, or any of the outdoor activities that us Coloradans use as an excuse to get out and soak some rays. A beer style that has become synonymous with summer is the German style Gose (pronounced Go-Za), an unfiltered wheat beer with the addition of salt, and often some type of fruit flavoring. We offer more Goses than ever to choose from, notably the Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose that comes in at a sessionable 4.2% and is far more refreshing than a “salt beer” may sound. Some breweries are even finding ways to make IPAs into summer pounders, beyond just the lower ABV session IPAs (i.e. under 5% ABV) that have been around for years now.

One example is the new 5.8% Fugli fruit IPA from Oskar Blues, which has the addition of Yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit) and Ugli (a Jamaican citrus fruit) making it a truly interesting summer option.  If a citrus fruit IPA or salted wheat ale doesn’t tickle your fancy, than perhaps you should try one of the many sour styles that boast bold flavors while remaining light bodied and perfect for summertime beer slammin’. The brewsmiths at Ska Brewing have come up with the Pink Vapor Stew Sour Ale, a malt beverage brewed with apples, ginger, carrots and beets that is sure to quench your thirst while giving your mouth a unique experience. If these newer summer styles sound too far out for you, I implore you to widen your perspective to the endless possibilities of the beer world, to let your taste buds free from the shackles of routine, to come down to your local family owned Pettyjohn’s and indulge in what our long standing craft beer culture has to offer.

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