Our Southern Neighbor Has Good Stuff

In 1988, a guy named Mike Levis brewed the first Santa Fe Pale ale on some old equipment he bought from the defunct Boulder Brewing Company. People seemed to like this Milwaukee’s Best alternative known as ‘craft beer,’ so the guys expanded and began brewing brown ale and porter…

In 2010, the brewery began canning. It was then that the first ice cold Happy Camper IPA rolled down the line and into the hand of owner Brian Lock who said…

“You can shotgun these,” which he did.”

Join us and shotgun your 1oz pours of Santa Fe Brewing Co with Nico from 5-7pm.

thirsty thursday

Freestyle Pilsner

As its name suggests, this Pilsner does not like to be categorized. True, it is brewed with traditional ingredients, but it is the way that these ingredients interact, that cause this particular pilsner to stand alone. The assertively hopped Freestyle pils exudes the flavor and the aroma of the classic Saaz hop (a tribute to “the original” pilsner), while maintaining enough body to balance but not overpower this hop’s pleasant, spicy tone. An unhurried lagering process makes this beer a light, clean, and quenching beer.

Pale Ale

Anything but a typical American Pale, Santa Fe Pale Ale is as full-bodied as its most robust English counterparts, while asserting its American origin with a healthy nose resplendent with Cascade, Cluster, and Willamette hops. It finishes with a well-balanced combination of the subtle, almost Pilsner-like maltiness accentuated by the German yeast and a classic hop bite.

Happy Camper IPA
…A classic beer for those beer lovers who love their hops. By masterfully combining several different hops with a very specific brewing process, we ended up with a beautifully balanced IPA. Full-bodied maltiness combined with a spicy, citric, and floral hop character, make this IPA one of our most popular beers.
Java Stout

This Java Stout uses extra generous quantities of barley malt, followed by vigorous fermentation leaving this “imperial” heavy weight with 8% alcohol A.B.V. and a body as full as chocolate bread pudding. Santa Fe Brewing uses only top-quality ingredients like organic East Timor and New Guinea coffee beans locally roasted by O’hori’s Coffee House. Its heavenly flavor and aroma can’t be beat or imitated.


Libations in the Limelight- Staff Picks




See you tonight!


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