Graduation and Mother’s Day Tasting

ConCABulations! Happy Mother’s Day!

Our hats are off to Grads and Moms all throughout Colorado this weekend. We’re happy to be a part of these big events. We have your Grad 30 packs of beer getting colder by the second and we have your Mom’s sparkling wine chilled and ready to put in those mimosas. Don’t forget to get a gift bag and we’ll wrap it up all nice for you. While you’re here, try four of our Winery Focus wines from Matthew Fritz. These crowd-pleasing wines come in $4-6 off while supplies last. Tonight is an excellent chance to try before you buy for this weekend’s festivities. Join us FREE, every Friday, 5-7pm. 21+

Matthew Fritz Sauvignon Blanc- Reg. $14.99 SALE $10.99
First up for the evening we have one of four wines from the Winery Focus, the Matthew Fritz Sauvignon Blanc. The Winery itself has been a favorite around Pettyjohns for some time but only now is the Sauvignon Blanc joining the team! This sauvignon Blanc is a pale straw color. Its nose is full of grapefruit and melon with hints of white pepper and elderflower. The palate follows up similar notes of grapefruit and a grassy and spicy finish. Balanced by bright acidity the wine has a clean and refreshing finish. An excellent start to our Matthew Fritz tasting, don’t miss trying these awesome wines!
Matthew Fritz Chardonnay- Reg. $14.99 SALE $10.99
Up next we have the Matthew Fritz Chardonnay, a long time staple of white wines in South Boulder. A beautiful example of Chardonnay, the nose is dominated by tropical fruit, melon and lemon hard candy. The palate is creamy and nicely textured with more tropical fruit notes shining through before giving way to hints of hazelnut and bright citrus with a clean and expressive finish. Truly a wonderful Chardonnay, it’s not overly oak-y or buttery and is a perfect wine to have with dinner as the weather continues to warm up.

Matthew Fritz Pinot Noir- Reg. $17.49 SALE $11.99 

Third up for the night we have the Matthew Fritz Pinot Noir which, as you may have guessed, is also from our Winery Focus. This awesome wine is quite the bottle for not being too expensive. With intense aromas of rhubarb and violets it’s a treat just to smell it. On the palate it’s full of berries, allspice and a hint of earth– it’s everything a Pinot Noir should be. It spends 10 months in French oak as well, giving it some extra complexity and depth as the wine lingers on the palate. We’ve been singing this wines’ praises since we first tried it and we are excited to have it as part of our Winery Focus!
Matthew Fritz Cabernet Sauvignon- Reg. $17.49 SALE $11.99
Last up for the night we have the Matthew Fritz Cabernet Sauvignon. Another long time store favorite, it’s rare to find such an excellent Cab at this price. This wine is loaded with dark fruits and spices. Inviting aromas of blackberry, spicy licorice and deep plum flavors hit your nose right as the wine is poured. The palate is an elegant expression of Cabernet Sauvignon, made up of dark fruits, herbal spices and a hint of olive tones. The tannins are firm and balanced with enough acidity to keep it fresh and clean. An excellent way to finish out a tasting, we think these are four wines you won’t want to miss out on!

Libations in the Limelight- Staff Picks


See you tonight!

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