Pettyjohn’s Liquor and Wine has a passionate and insightful staff with 100+ years of combined wine, beer, and liquor knowledge. Ann is a Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma candidate (a prerequisite for a Master of Wine), a Certified Specialist of Wine (SWE), and she also possesses Spanish, Andalusian, and Bordeaux Certifications. Charlie, wine buyer, has been learning everything he can from her. Chris owns the Professional Certificate of Spirits and Brady, liquor buyer, attends local spirit seminars. Ben, Josh, and Robin have Cicerone Beer Server Certifications. We know our stuff! This email is our newest way to express our passion and expertise. We recently celebrated our 47th Anniversary in December and look forward to serving Table Mesa, Boulder, and Denver for many, many years to come. Please enjoy our new staff picks in the form of Libations in the Limelight!



catena alta

5 weeks and 16 wines but only one champ. Taking home the title of Boulder’s favorite Malbec is Nicola Cantena’s Cantena Alta. This wine is full-bodied and rich, with sweet tannins and a smooth structure, offering multiple layers of of blackberries and black currant with hints of licorice, vanilla, and black pepper. Its lengthy finish shows beautiful minerality with fine tannins and lively acidity.

DICK MUNRO, YOU WON THE TOP PRIZE! ONE $80 MALBEC COMING YOUR WAY! Dick predicted 3/4 in the Final Four, the top two in the Finals, and the correct Champion. Congrats! Second place and a bottle of the winning Malbec, Catena Alta, goes to Kevin Rich. Third place and a bottle of Vaglio Aggie goes to Clarissa Briner. Thanks everyone for participating- until next year!

 Limelight Libations

Talbott Pinot Noir- $24.99, Sale $19.99  

“Talbott Kali Hart Pinot Noir is a pure fruit expression of Talbott’s vineyard. It is made to be bright and appealing upon release, with the fresh, cool climate flavors for which the Monterey County AVA is known.

It has a beautiful, deep ruby color with bright fruit aromas of cranberry, currant and plum, as well as hints of vanilla. The crisp red fruit flavors continue on the palate, where they are accentuated by soft, smooth tannins. The finish is long with lush fruit and hints of vanilla and French oak. Kali Hart Pinot Noir is named after Robb Talbott’s youngest daughter.”

Nightmare on Brett by Crooked Stave – $14.24  

(We sold tons when we did our tasting a month ago!)

Overall 98/100 on

ABV: 9.6%

“On tap at Crooked Stave @ The Source in Denver. Deep, dark brown appearance with a fully dissipating head. Aroma of blueberries, sour notes, dark malts and light roast. Similar flavor, quite sour, tart and highly acidic with a puckering mouth feel. Full body with a lingering sour, light blueberry finish. Damn good!”

Rusty Nail Cocktail    

2 parts Dewar’s Scotch
1 parts Drambuie
1 Luxardo cherry pierced with a nail

“The Rusty Nail took a while to find its proper place in the world. The combination of Drambuie — the world’s most distinguished Scotch-based liqueur — and the whisky it’s made from is a natural one, and yet diligent research (more or less, anyway) has failed to turn up any mention of it during the first 28 years of Drambuie’s existence as a commercial product. In 1937, though, it takes its first baby steps in public, in the form of the B.I.F., credited to one F. Benniman. While the classic form has not yet been achieved — Benniman served his creation up, three parts liquor to one part liqueur, with a dash of Angostura bitters — it’s a start, anyway.”


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