Black Shirt Brewing + Copper Kettle

Black Shirt Brewing Co. was founded in 1999 and opened to the public in 2012. As they say “good things take time.”

Jeremy, owner/head brewer of Copper Kettle, has been a homebrewer with his wife Kristen for years and decided to uproot from Raleigh, NC and put his engineering and brewing experience to the test by opening Copper Kettle Brewing Company in 2011.

Join us as Nico pours two Denver breweries. Nico is filling in for Robin, whom is scouring Scandinavia for the perfect pint. Nico will pour four from 5-7pm- don’t miss it!

Copper Kettle Helles
Poured out with a decent head and some good lacing. Deep gold color to the beer with a light smell of hops and grains. Very mild flavor with a hint of flowery/hop taste. Very light and easy drinking beer, especially for warmer months.
Copper Kettle Milk Stout
Clear black pour with a thin light tan head. Nose is big and awesome with creamy milk chocolate tones, with a bodyful roasty depth. Flavor has a big roasty milk chocolate tone, good earthy sweetness, with a earthy creamy finish. Not as custard-y as I hoped, but very delicious and chocolaty.
Black Shirt Brewing IPA
Frontman is hop-forward in a very fruity, tropical way – with hints of mango, pineapple, passion fruit, and undertones of juicy grapefruit and orange. Not your typical IPA, intentionally! It is the Frontman, after all!
Black Shirt Brewing Rye IPA
Timekeeper is filled with overtones of juicy tropical fruits & undertones of pine, citrus, and a subtle hint of dank notes. Finishes perfectly bitter while still being relatively soft and refreshing.


See you tonight!

pettyjohns boulder

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