Olive Oil Highlight- La Cultivada Hojiblanca $19.99



(Translation: This is an olive oil you’ll be enamored with. Super tasty for your mouth)

If you’re searching for that fresh, green grass aroma in your oil that you experienced in Spain, this is the oil to try. La Cultivada is an incredibly high quality, artisanal farm that produces the greatest Hojiblanca olives located near Cordoba in Andalusia, Spain. La Cultivada is the passion of Pedro Vecino Riera.

La Cultivada olive oils are produced from early harvested olives that are pressed in less than a 2 hours to lock in freshness at its peak. The cool, soft extraction yields oil with gorgeous apple fruit to balance the delicious grassy notes. It has a beautiful yellow gold color with bright green edges, it’s medium-bodied with aromas of freshly cut grass, apple and celery. On the pallet this oil is so fresh that there isn’t an oily texture, it disappears and you are left with delicious fresh fruit and herbal flavors. It can be used on everything in the kitchen, but I use this oil when I want a subtle, fresh characteristic for a delicately flavored dish.

It’s packaged in a beautiful gold tin for maximum preservation of freshness and the label is original artwork from the Spanish artist Pedro Mora. Certified organic, extra virgin from 100% Hojiblanca, harvested and crushed Novemver 12th, 2016 this is just like you’re back in Spain.

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