Dawn of the Red + More

“Jamie and Nikos [Owners] knew they not only wanted a brewery, but they wanted to do things a little differently. The dream: become ‘the village brewer,’ providing a place for people to come together over a pint. Looking to brewing history, the two decided to name the brewery Ninkasi [nin-kah-see], the ancient Sumerian Goddess of Fermentation.

After scraping together enough funds from friends and family, the two produced their first batch of beer in June, 2006. This inaugural batch of Total Domination IPA was the result of a 17-hour brew day inside a leased space in Springfield, Ore. The following six months, Jamie and Nikos continued to brew on a 15-barrel brewhouse located within a German restaurant.
In 2007, Ninkasi moved to its current location in Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood. Known for its eclectic art, the two knew this neighborhood would easily foster community. Fast forward to 2011, and the hard work of both founders landed them the fastest growing craft brewery in the United States with a top selling IPA in Oregon. Fast forward to present day, and Ninkasi ranks the 36th largest craft brewer in the United States (Brewers Association, 2015).”

Robin will be slinging Ninkasi suds from 5-7pm, don’t miss it!


Dawn of the Red- Red IPA 

“Mango, papaya, pineapple and stone fruit notes burst out with bitterness up front. Sustained by a subtle malt flavor, this beer finishes smooth, leaving one ready for the next sip of this flavortastic beer!”

Pairs with: Chicken, Seafood, Burgers, Spicy Cuisine like Thai or Mexican, Fish Tacos, Savory French Toast

Total Domination IPA        

“This decidedly balanced Northwest IPA celebrates our love of hops. A delightful blend of citrus and floral hop notes dominate the senses while a trio of malt adds a clean finish. Totally hoppy, totally drinkable; the name says it all.”

Pairs with: Poultry, Seafood, Sharp Cheeses, Spicy Mexican or Thai Foods

Hop Cooler Citrus IPA

 “Bright and tropical, this India Pale Ale brilliantly layers a citrusy blend of orange and tangerine with a robust hop profile. Crafted with real citrus and packed with as much flavor as a hop cooler, you won’t be able to stop at just one sip of this fresh and fruity beer.”

Pairs with: Good times and and music

Believer Double Red Ale     

“Brewed and dedicated to the believers of Ninkasi. Believer Double Red Ale offers a rich, dark malt complexity balanced by a plentiful hop presence; bringing together perfection in every sip. Who knew believing had so many rewards?”

Pairs with: Pork, Lamb, Duck, Pizza, Rich Creamy Cheeses, Toffee, Chocolate

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See you tonight!

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