Bipartisan Artisan Palette-ical Party!

“Crooked Stave Artisan Distributing was born from the idea that great artists need great representation.

…Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project is the culmination of Founder and Brewmaster Chad Yakobson’s open source Master’s research, The Brettanomyces Project – a dissertation on wild yeast fermentations – conducted at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Yakobson, a Colorado native, set out to make a splash with wild and sour barrel-aged beers. The best way he knew how to get the brands into the Colorado beer scene was to go around and educate while hand selling every case, after every new release. Chad was responsible for every step of the process including opening new accounts and connecting with the craft brewing community. Through the same dedication to artisan products, we formed CSA Distributing knowing that there was an entire community of artisans, some we had already connected with and others we are still meeting, to whom we could give this same dedication and treatment. ” Join us as we divvy out bi-partisan artisan brews tonight from 5-7pm.
CS/COAST Huguenot Collaboration
“Brewed in Collaboration with our friends at Coast Brewing in Charleston, South Carolina. This tart Saison was brewed with heirloom variety rustic grains from Anson Mills, a company who is known for preserving heirloom varieties and providing access to some of the most flavorful cereals for chefs. We chose to brew with Huguenot Black Oats, Black Rye and for an added twist some Carolina Gold Rice Middlins. The heirloom grains provided a nice rustic, tart backbone for our Brettanomyces mixed culture fermentation and extended aging.” -BA
Motif Dark Belgian Sour
“Pours dark cola brown with an average, lightly tan head that slowly recedes to an average collar of lace. The nose is dark with some toasted cocoa nibs, very lightly roasted coffee, some lightly fruity aromas, and just a hint of funk. The flavor is nicely sour with the same light fruit up front, moving to the toasted nibs, light coffee, and touch of chocolate on the back. The body is medium (much lighter than expected given the 10%), with average carbonation, and a long tart and dark, lightly fruity finish.”
–RateBeer Reviewer
Nightmare on Brett Dark Sour Ale Aged in Oak
“App: A ruby chestnut as it pours, black in the glass with a hint of dark brown then held to the light. Dark brown head on top.
Taste: Big luscious juicy raspberry, followed by a lovely tartness. Very jam like but with an astounding sourness. I am not picking up much of the whiskey, but a touch of oak shows itself in the finish.
Overall: This is the best beer I have had is a long, long while. Holy [expletive deleted] this is good.This beer transcends simply being a beer, and becomes an experience.”   –Beer Advocate Review
La Cumbre Red Ryeot Rye IPA
“Rich caramel and toasted malts team up with flaked rye and march to the beat of a big but balancing bitterness only to be overtaken by an onslaught of American hop aroma and flavor. You want a tame and subservient, spineless beer that takes orders well and doesn’t challenge anything or anyone? This ain’t it!” -La Cumbre

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