Vikings, Superheroes, Hawaiians, and ALIENS

Come try one of the top two (Melvin is the other) most talked about breweries by our customers. Always brewing interesting stuff, Odd13 keeps their line-up ever-changing and constantly delicious. Congrats to Robin, our newest Cicerone Certified Beer Server, joining Ben and Jash in their endeavor to keeping things clever. We try hard to try as much beer for you as legally possible. Join us in the fun tonight from 5-7pm.

“Hawaiian bartender is a showcase of Brettanomyces, hops, and fruit. The malt bill is designed to feature a silky smooth mouth feel that highlights everything else going on. An assertive but not overwhelming tartness complements the acidity and fruit flavor from the mango, the pineapple, and the centennial hops. The result is a refreshing but flavorful beer that is complex but drinkable at the same time.”
“Pours dull apricot color, two finger white head lasts, coating lace. Nice citrusy aroma. Citrusy taste as well, more grapefruit than anything, very little cracker malt sweetness. Rye spice is there but subtle. Thin to medium soft feel. Dry finish. Very tasty brew, crushable.” -BeerAdvocate Dude

“He controls mass and density, primarily of liquids. He uses that power to to ensure perfect fermentations of beers. That’s not exactly what his creators had in mind when they remade him, but they can no longer control him. Because of the remaking process, he no longer knows his name. He just knows the codename they gave him: Superfan. Codename: Superfan is a deliciously modern take on the American IPA style, brewed with a variety of juicy American hops from the Pacific Northwest.”

“What were they thinking? ‘It’s an alien apocalypse! Quick, grab the beer!”
Rick Yancey, The 5th WaveOh, yes, there will be hops.

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See you Thursday!

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