Week after week we work away wishing the weekend would will its way westward. While we work willingly, we wobble by Wednesday, wanting whatever will whet our whistle. Well wish your woes away, wonderful weirdos and wahoos, and try four awesome wines tonight for free from 5-7pm! Wait, that last part had no w’s… Whoops!


We want to thank everyone who submitted entries for our Epic Local Pass Giveaway this year. Once again, South Boulder showed their love for the outdoors and we noticed many die-hards cashing in on bonus entries. We really appreciate your devotion and would like to reward the winner of the big shebang, BRIAN WHITE, with the Grand Prize. Congratulations!!! Check out our Facebook page to view the drawing video.


Not a winner? Soak your sorrows with some delicious FREE wine tonight from 5-7pm. Until next year!

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Casal Garcia Vino Verde Rosé- Reg. $8.99 SALE $7.99




First up we have the Casal Garcia Vino Verde Rosé from Portugal. A beautiful shade of pomegranate red, with an exquisite bouquet, both subtle and intense. Mild spicy notes lead to a delightful duo of wild raspberry and flower petals. Rich, full bodied and fresh on the palate.
The fruit is a treat as the wine’s intensity retains an ethereal quality, leaving a trace of rich flavors and salty spiciness on the finish. A rosé made from red grapes, using the same vinification process as for white wine, it’s a great bottle to open up for the rest of the summer!


Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/ Viogner Blend- Reg. $14.99 SALE $11.99
Up next we have the Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc- Viognier blend, which has been a best seller at Pettyjohns for ages. Bright and refreshing, this blend has a wonderful nose, opening with fresh lemon, melon, and mango, complemented by soft floral notes. The palate is crisp and juicy with grapefruit, pear, melon and tropic fruit showing through. The flavors linger through its long and refreshing finish. This is another bottle that pairs with just about anything but it is especially nice with lighter fare or spicy foods. We’ve got it in our warm-weather whites display- don’t miss out on trying this one!
Prodigo Nero d’Avola- Reg. $12.99 SALE $10.99
Third up for the evening we have the Prodigo Nero d’Avola. A long time store favorite Charlie decided it was time to revisit this one. Prodigo means lavish, sumptuous, luxurious or grand, all perfect descriptions of this wine. The wine’s bouquet is slightly spicy, and has notes of dried figs and ripe fruits, like blackberry and boysenberry. The finish is round and velvety, with notes of vanilla. Another great red for the summer, it pairs well with just about any food or occasion. If you haven’t had this one yet come see why it’s been a store favorite!

Freakshow Red Blend- Reg. $23.99 SALE $19.99

Last up for the evening we have the Freakshow Red Blend from Michael David. Made up of Syrah, Petit Syrah and a touch of Souzao, this is one big wine. Aromas of Blackberry cobbler, toasted walnuts, espresso bean and hints of brandy fill the nose of this wine. The wine is weighty with a velvet-like texture boasting flavors of ripe brambleberry jam, toffee, and dark chocolate mousse followed by wisps of pipe tobacco and mesquite. A very limited wine, at least for the timing being, we only got 3 cases but wanted to share some since we don’t think this is a wine to miss! Come check it out!

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See you tonight!

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