Thirsty Thursday Beer Tasting

This week, Robin the Hawaiian Bartender ensures the Nalu (surf) and your drinks are safe to enjoy. He will pour you an Odd13 sample drink every time you misspell Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Hawaii’s state fish). We will also try the new Acidulous brewing, which makes great sour beers that are canned with the help of Crazy Mountain Brewery.

Last week Robin poured Upslope paired with Snarf’s sandwiches. I’m not sure if people even knew we had beer. Oh well! Robin has been a beer nerd at Pettyjohn’s for six and a half years and he loves to see new faces. We hope to see some tonight!


Acidulous Sour Wheat Ale with Blackberries
Acidulous Brewing is yet another new Colorado brewery, brewed in Edwards, with an unordinary lineup… sours only! The Sour Wheat is a delightfully light style of sour with a nice crispness. The addition of blackberries does not overwhelm the beer or make it too sweet, but even enhances an already good experience.
Odd 13 Hawaiian Bartender Sour Blonde with Mango
The Hawaiian Bartender is a somewhat similar style as the Sour Wheat, the most noticeable difference being the amount of lactobacillus used in the Hawaiian Bartender (i.e. more sour). This beer pours a light pineapple color, and has mango coming through clearly. The fruit flavors are clear and present, yet they manage to have this one finish nice and dry.
Acidulous Sour Red Ale
The Acidulous Sour Red Ale is a Colorado micro 6 pack of a Flemish Red style… Brilliant! This amber/brown colored beer is a light bodied, sharp, tart sour. Still fruity, but hardly in comparison to the first two tasted, Acidulous is true to the way of the Belgian monks. The rich complexities in color and taste come from the aging in oak barrels.
Odd 13 Super Sneak Hop-Bursted Sour
Last up we have the Super Sneak from Odd 13, a hoppy take on a sour beer. For this one, they boil the kettle to kill the lactobacillus and begin a massive hopping at the end of the boil (hop-bursting). Of course, being Odd 13, a healthy dose of multiple strains of brettanomyces is added to assure a tart and sour elixir.

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See you Thursday!

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