Fri-Yay + Liqeuer Tasting, Pliny the Elder Winner

Friday Night Wine Tasting

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the recent fire. If you are hosting evacuees, make sure you invite them to our free wine tasting tonight- they could use a tasty treat on the house! For everyone else beating the other kind of heat (the sun), we selected four wines that will refresh your palate. Congratulations to JEFF HENDERSON and GABE DEZE.

Each of you won two bottles of the ultra-rare and highly-elusive Pliny the Elder. Please stop by with an ID to pick up your bounty! A big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest. Join us tonight from 5-7pm for our free in-store wine tasting. Charlie will be pouring:

Saturday- Pimm’s Cup Tasting


As the summer heat is now upon us let Pettyjohn’s help cool you down with a classic cocktail that has been around for almost two hundred years. Pimm’s #1 is a gin based aperitif; it is a dark tea color with a reddish tint and has subtle tastes of spice and citrus. Pimm’s was first produced in 1823 by James Pimm. There are countless recipes that call for Pimm’s but the best is the most Classic, the Pimm’s cup. The Pimm’s cup is one of the two staple drinks of Wimbledon the other is Champagne in fact the Wimbledon tennis club goes through 40,000 pints a year. Light, refreshing and delicious the Pimm’s cup is the prefect drink for a sweltering summer day. You can search the internet, converse with bartenders, hunt down recipes from 2 centuries ago and you’ll find a number of different recipes for what exactly a Pimm’s cup is supposed to be. The consistent thing in all the recipes is Pimm’s # 1 plus something light and refreshing- ginger beer, lemonade or lemon lime soda. These are all fine and dandy. To kick up the flavor you can toss in some Cucumber slices, strawberries, oranges, really anything that sounds good to you or on July 16th between 1-3pm you can come to Pettyjohn’s and sample my Pimm’s cup recipe.




Casal Garcia Vino Verde Rose- Reg. $8.99 SALE $7.99




First up we have the Casal Garcia Vino Verde Rose from our Featured Winery. While sparkling rosés can get a bad reputation (at least at lower price points), this wine suggests that that’s an unfair stereotype: fuller and fruitier than a white, it’s still just as dry, refreshing, and food friendly as any traditional Vinho Verde. The nose is full of raspberry and strawberry aromas that, while intense, are balanced a bit by citrus and mirrored on the palate. We’d suggest using it to accompany slightly heftier dishes, or as a wonderful partner to fruit at a picnic.


Casal Garcia Vino Verde- Reg. $8.99 SALE $7.99
Up next we have the Casal Garcia Vino Verde, also from our Featured Winery! One of our most popular summer sippers and one of our most popular wines no matter the season, this one is a great bottle at a great price. Slightly effervescent and delightfully light, its sure to please just about anyone. Juicy, citrus notes and gentle fruit fill the palate perfectly. Serve chilled on a deck/patio or with shellfish if you’re not allergic. (To shellfish, not decks or patios)

Grayson Chardonnay- Reg. $14.99 SALE $9.99 

Third up for the night we have the Grayson Chardonnay. The Grayson Chardonnay is one of those bottles that just seemed right for the summer, which isn’t something Chardonnay is always known for. The Grayson Chardonnay is brilliantly ripe and shows bright, brisk acidity and good minerality with notes of pineapple and apricot. The nose is clean and fruit forward with a touch of Oak. The palate offers green apple fruit with a crisp finish showing gentle hints of apple pie and vanilla flavors. Come try it out!

Casal Garcia Douro Red- Reg. $8.99 SALE $7.99

Last up for the night we have the Casal Garcia Douro. In the glass this wine is a young color, fairly deep, with a beautiful ruby rim. On the nose, it is intense, young and fruity, with some floral hints from the Touriga Nacional. On the palate it is fresh, round and delicate. The finish is smooth and offers a fruity mouth-feel. Another great summer wine from our Featured Winery, this is yet another bottle that you won’t want to miss! That being said, for under $10 it’s a good bottle to pick up even if you haven’t tried it!

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