Captain aaR serves ya plenty

Captain aaR serves up the good drink for all the fine lads and lassies. All you swashbucklers can wet yer pipes on Dry Dock’s latest suds. Join yer maties from 5-7 or walk the plank to Davy Jones’ locker! Savvy?

Last week Robin poured Post and Bootstrap. People were pleasantly surprised with Bootsrap’s Sticks Pale Ale. Robin has been a beer aficionado at Pettyjohn’s for six and a half years and he loves to see new faces. We hope to see some tonight!

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Dry Dock Apricot Blonde
As long as Dry Dock has been on the shelves, the Apricot Blonde has been the best seller at Pettyjohn’s. The Apricot Blonde is a nice and light Ale with a noticeable amount of apricot flavor. The fruit aspect is not too overwhelming, and in fact finishes surprisingly crisp. 5.1% abv. and most definitely a summer sipper.
Dry Dock Sour Apricot 
The Sour Apricot is the newest in the Dry Dock lineup, and I have a feeling will please the masses. They must use a small amount of lactobacillus because the sour notes are subtle, even lacking the typical “funk” you would expect. The slight sour goes surprisingly good together with apricot flavor, and makes this a well rounded summer beer to rival the Apricot Blonde.
Dry Dock Vanilla Porter
The Vanilla Porter is a Brown Porter Ale as its base. As you can guess, lots of vanilla are added to come up with a easy drinking porter. At only 5.4%, and with the addition of vanilla, this beer is a rich a smooth porter that remains nice and light at the same time.
Dry Dock Hop Abomination IPA
The Hop Abomination is a very traditional IPA, no-frills. Citrus and tropical hop flavors
are dominant, while the malts are less noticeable than alike IPAs. Dry Dock is known for their lighter styles of beer, but Hop Abomination proves that they can brew whatever style they want and excel.  6.5% abv. and 70 IBUs.

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