Four Friday Favorites for Fantastic Friends

Tonight we invite all our new and old friends for a lovely wine tasting that will be more than just that. We have quite the regular following of wine tasters these days but not all the names to match the faces. So in the spirit of friendship, we will only allow you to try wine tonight if you state your name out loud for all to hear. Feel free to say something else as well (hobbies, workplace, children, etc.) Shouldn’t be that hard, right? Just sip some wine and meet some neighbors. Join us tonight from 5-7pm for free in-store wine tasting- Charlie will be pouring:

The More the Merrier!


13 Wine Dinner Ideas With Friends


Muga Rosado 2015- Reg. $18.99 SALE $14.99

First up with week we have the Muga Rosado. On the nose you mainly find the citrus and green apple aromas which are present throughout the wine’s passage through the mouth; in the aftertaste, the olfactory nuances are transformed into something finer and more complex, where you can discover, along with those noted previously, hints of apricot and faint reminders of  pastries. On the palate it is really attractive, and   although the sharp fruit still dominates, the overall taste is sweetened by elegant, well-integrated fine lees. This is a wine with a long finish, combining sweetness, freshness and acidity.

Pomerols Picpoul de Pinet – Reg. $11.99 SALE $10.99
Next up we have the Pomerols Picpoul which has always been a favorite around our store. It is light colored and full of aromas of grapefruit and exotic fruit. Citrus flavors, with focused acidity, are typical of Picpoul, this one included. This wine is sure to appeal to everyone with its easy drinking attitude but surprising amount of depth. A great wine by itself on a hot day, or served with appetizers or seafood. While it’s a great value in the bottle, we also have this in a box wine format. Perfect for taking to a picnic or to just have on the porch!

Marietta Old Vine Red- Reg. $13.99 SALE $11.99 

Third up for the evening we have the Marietta Old Vine Red. Another bestseller around Pettyjohns, the Marietta Red is a delicious wine. Primarily Zin, it has juicy fruit, a medium body, and good tannins. On the palate, it has juicy blackberry and licorice with herbs and lots of pepper on the finish. The tannins on the finish ensure this wine will be great to pair with just about any food. That being said, we have this one in our “Ready, Set, Grill!” display and love pairing it with grilled foods and barbecue .

Klinkerbrick Farrah Syrah- Reg. $20.99 SALE $17.99

Last up for the evening we have the Klinkerbrick “Farrah” Syrah, another store favorite (and one of Charlie’s favorites!). It’s easy to see why, as this Syrah expresses blackberry, currant and plum on the nose with hints of smoky oak, spice and pepper. On the palate, this delicious wine has balanced flavors of berries, dark chocolate, coffee and anise wrapped in a smooth texture. Present tannins lend structure to this full-bodied wine, with a long, lingering finish. A wonderful wine to pair with grilled foods or just drink it by itself on the porch. A wine this good doesn’t need an excuse to be opened and enjoyed!

See you tonight!

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