Strap dem Boots and Post up

Boulder County hosts a treasure trove of delicious hopwater, making it hard to try them all. Lucky U, we found two breweries on the outskirts of Boulder that are prime for popping open. Tonight we will try Boulder/Gunbarrel’s Bootstrap Brewing and Lafayette’s The Post Brewing. Last week Robin poured some Saison-ably cold Funkwerks.Their Raspberry was a mixed bag but the Tropic King reigned supreme. Robin has been a beer aficionado at Pettyjohn’s for six and a half years and he loves to see new faces. We hope to see some tonight!


Post – Howdy Pilsner

The Howdy Pilsner from Post Brewing is a prime example of what the style should taste like. Howdy has subtle flavors all the way through: biscuit malt, grassiness & hop bitterness. This beer is crisp, clean & refreshing, which is why it is first up today. Howdy got the highest rating from the Bros at of all the beers we are tasting with 96 pts, making it a “world-class” beer. 4.5% abv.
Post – Townie American Pale Ale 
With all the flavor-bomb ales that are coming out these days, it is nice for someone to come out with a mellow neutral ale like Townie. At 6.2%, Townie is lighter in color and much less hoppy than you would expect from a pale ale, which is probably why they just call it an ale on the can. Nice bready malt sweetness is the dominating character, however, it is the subtleties across the board that make this a well rounded, refreshing ale.
Bootstrap – Sticks Pale Ale
Sticks is much more of what you would expect from a pale ale than Townie, however still very much less bitter hoppy than say, Dales pale ale. Instead, Sticks focuses on the citrusy, hoppy, orange taste, which is indeed the highlight of this beer. The malt profile is minimal, and that is probably why this is one of the more refreshing pale ales in the store for hot Summer days.

Bootstrap – Insane Rush IPA

Finally we have the Insane Rush IPA, which is quickly becoming one of the most popular IPAs here at Pettyjohn’s. The popularity is not just because they nailed it on the cool looking can, it is extremely good beer too. Not too bitter, and not too malty sweet, this beer lands perfectly in the middle and is why it is such a well balanced IPA. Insane Rush is usually enjoyed by hop heads and non hop heads alike. 7%abv.

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