Friday Night Flip-a-Roo

This is not a test. The Friday night wine tasting has been mysteriously abducted. Multiple liquor agencies report it will take exactly one week to be found again. Stay tuned and we will give you more details as soon as we are made aware of them. We now join Channel G news already in progress…



a39a28e5-eef2-47a0-829a-1c014b351085……………..ll around the world May 1st to Labor Day is officially known as gin season. Gin was once the most glamorized and sought after spirit in the world. It was the drink of choice by celebrities, business men and world leaders; Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt were both avid gin drinkers. Somewhere down the road gin lost its way and became the dusty bottle in the back of the liquor cabinet that got brought out a few times a year when my grandparents visited.

There’s a great quote from world famous bartender and gin expert Simon Ford, “If you don’t like gin, I urge you to go back to it. Saying you don’t like gin is like saying you don’t like sauce. There are hundreds of gins using hundreds of different ingredients. If you experiment, you will find a gin you love-I promise.”a70089ca-ac46-45a5-8d6a-9168795e54b5I couldn’t agree more. There are lots of great events during gin season; negroni week is June 6th – 12th where bars around the world donate $1 or more for
each negroni sold to charity. Gin and tonic day is May 27th and because of this and our love for gin on this day we will taste Simon Ford’s gin rightly named Ford’s gin. Join us Friday, May 27th from 5-7 where brand ambassador and world famous mixologist Martim Smith-Mattsson will serve up info and his take on the classic gin and BEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPP…………………


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