FATE has it that…

Robin is a believer in good times and good brews. He knows that these two things combine for a life full of happiness and hoppiness. Fate Brewing also has these two things. Please join us this Fate-full night from 5-7pm for our FREE, in-store, weekly, Thirsty Thursday beer tasting. Last week, no-necked Robin poured Odd13. Everyone seemed to enjoy their Hop-bursted Sour and Superfan IPA. Robin has been a beer connoisseur at Pettyjohn’s for six and a half years and we’re excited to have him start spreading his passion to our community. Hope to see you tonight!


Fate Laimas Kölsch Style Ale
With a unique twist, this Kölsch Style Ale is light, clean and crisp with a dry finish. It has mellow malt and hop character, with a touch of sweetness. The fresh flavor comes from the German Pils malt and noble hops used. This is a great year-round beer, and an even better summertime beer.
Fate Laimas Watermelon Kölsch Style Ale 
The title says it all. Just like the Laimas, only with the addition of fresh watermelon puree. The subtle sweetness from the fruit compliments the malt and hop character to create and incredibly sessionable ale. Both Laimas Styles are 5% abv.
Fate Moirai India Pale Ale
This beer is defined by its pronounced hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. Moirai has a nice malt backbone that complements well with the citrusy American hops. The hop bouquet has flavors of tangerine and ruby red grapefruit, but finds itself more balanced with malts than most of the citrusy IPAs.  7.2% abv.

Fate Uror Gose

If your looking to try the newest trend in beer, you must try our Fate Uror Gose. This historic sour German wheat beer is spiced with salt and coriander. It has a refreshing, tart and lactic character, with a crisp and slightly dry finish. You might just find that you have  a new go-to beer, as many of our customers have in the Uror.

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