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Valid 5/10/16-5/23/16

We hope everyone’s weekend went well with all the Boulder holiday activities. Now we return to warmer weather and less traffic- yahoo! Here are you new Exclusive E-Deals, better-than-sale prices on products for online customers only. Just mention this post at the counter and the deal is yours. Enjoy!

15 Spring Drink Recipes

Your Exclusive E-Deals

Ruffin Lumina Pinot Grigio– Reg. $12.49, Sale $10.49,
Lumina Pinot Grigio offers golden apple, honeyed pear, and citrus notes, along with a pleasant touch of minerality. Medium-bodied, lively and clean, this is a well-balanced wine with crisp acidity and a satisfying finish.
Enjoy Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio as an apéritif or as a wonderful companion with a variety of foods. It’s delicious with prosciutto and mild cheeses, fresh salads, and pasta with cream sauces. It also pairs well with seafood, shellfish, white meat, or Asian dishes.




Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc– Reg. $10.99, Sale $9.99, YOUR PRICE $8.99  

Sourced from the South Island of New Zealand, this Sauvignon Blanc exhibits complexity and a vibrant zing. Flavors of Meyer lemons and Key limes integrate with hints of grapefruit, gooseberry and citrus, culminating in a long, creamy finish. Long, cool seasons in New Zealand’s Marlborough region allow our grapes to mature slowly and gain character and complexity. The grapes are harvested at night and gently crushed before undergoing cool fermentation in stainless steel tanks. An extended fermentation sur lie adds richness and softness, complementing the fruit’s natural zest and acidity.


Cono Sur Carmenere- Reg. $11.99, Sale $9.99, YOUR PRICE $7.99


Deep ruby red colour. Carmenere wines are aromatic, smooth and medium-bodied, with a soft texture. Herbal tones combine with sweet notes.
Pairing for this variety
This wine likes meat: beef, lamb, pork and game. It’s also a good choice for ingredients that could be troublesome for other wines: tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, onions and garlic. Vegetable soups and mushrooms are also good alternatives and, if opting for cheeses, go for the yellow, medium-bodied type.

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Upslope 6pks including Belgian Pale-  YOUR PRICE 7.81! 
What is Upslope? Meteorologically speaking, an upslope storm happens when a warm, wet stream of air from the Gulf of Mexico slams into a mass of frosty northern air along Colorado’s Front Range, pasting the topography with loads of deep snow. When upslopes happen, things get exciting.
These snow-day-causing, water-table-filling, wildflower-nourishing storms fuel the passions of the thousands of skiers, boarders, climbers, paddlers, and anglers who call the Continental Divide’s eastern flank home. They’re also what inspire the philosophy behind Boulder, Colorado’s Upslope Brewing Company.

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Jameson Irish Whiskey 750ml- Reg 29.95, YOUR PRICE 19.95!  
No matter where a distiller calls home, your whiskey is only as good as the ingredients that go into the still. The three key elements of Jameson Irish Whiskey are barley, water, and maize, and with a list that simple there is nowhere to hide. Great whiskey needs ingredients to match, and that starts with the water. The word whiskey derives from the Irish “Uisce beatha” which means ‘water of life’ and the Dungourney river, which flows through our distillery, is the life source of our operation and plays a vital role in the production process. Jameson is also one of a handful of whiskeys in the world produced using a combination of malted and unmalted barley, and most of our suppliers are farmers from within 100 miles of Midleton. Many of the fields they farm have been producing our barley for centuries, so it’s fair to say they know what we’re after. While we try to keep our ingredients as local as possible, maize is a sun-loving crop and no one has ever accused Ireland’s climate of being tropical. After much searching, we found a farmer in the South of France who provides us with non-genetically modified maize that does the trick quite nicely.

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