Four wines that are really grape

The madness has subsided and now we make our way into April with a calm anticipation of warm weather and the great outdoors, sans snow. As the temperature rises, the tannins get lighter, which is one of the many reasons why Pettyjohn’s chose this week to test a rosé and this month for our Pinot Noir tasting. Taste seven Pinot Noirs from Santa Barbara side-by-side with Carelli’s delicious appetizers. $35/person, Tuesday, April 26th, from 6:30-8. If you have never been to one of these events, we highly recommend it as a fun date night and/or educational event. Seats are limited. Until then, join us for our weekly FREE in-store wine tasting tonight from 5-7. See what Charlie will be pouring below!

Malbec Madness Bracket Winner
Thank you all for participating in our Annual Malbec Madness competition! We had a lot of fun tasting sixteen Mabecs over five weeks. Congratulations to Henry Paddock, who chose the Bousquet Malbec as the winner back in Week 1 and was spot on! The people’s favorite Malbecs were Bousquet, Zorzal, LaMadrid White Label, and Graffito. Henry Paddock wins the Grand Prize, an extremely limited and well-reviewed $80 bottle of the 2011 Cheval des Andes Malbec:


Robert Parker- 94 Points

The Wine Advocate – “The 2011 Cheval des Andes is at the same time riper but also has higher acidity than 2010 and is a slightly more powerful version of 2010. The palate has very good volume while keeping the freshness. They also reduced the toast from the barrels and improved the quality of the barrels they use (45% new oak was used in 2011). The final blend of 2011 was 71% Malbec, 22% Cabernet Sauvignon and the rest Petit Verdot. There is red and black fruit plus minty notes on the nose. The palate has density, acidity and good fruit sweetness (but not sweet). The acidity is very precise, the tannins are ripe and sweet, it seems to have the ingredients for a long and nice aging in the bottle. It had the best palate of the trio of vintages I tasted together, 2010, 2011 and 2012. 2011 was a short vintage, so there are no rules. They selected the grapes and whatever volume they produce that’s what it is. In this vintage, they finally bottled 45,000 bottles. It’s not easy to decide between 2010 and 2011, as both are great vintages.”

Wine Spectator- 93 points

Wine Spectator – “A ripe, balanced and powerful red, with elegant flavors of roasted plum, dark cherry and Asian spice. Plush and juicy midpalate, featuring a finish filled with creamy dark chocolate notes. Very refined.”

This Malbec is the perfect present for your favorite wine lover- There are only a few left!


“Vino” Pinot Grigio- Reg. $12.99 SALE $9.99

First up this week we have the Vino Pinot Grigio from Charles Smith! This wine is very much a classic Pinot Grigio with bright fruit and lots of minerality. On the palate, flavors of lychee and passion fruit show beautifully before leading into compliments of guava and an intense mineral finish. Beautiful wine for the warm weather months to come, this is an awesome bottle to pop open at just about an occasion. People pleasing without sacrificing complexity, this is a wine you won’t want to miss!

“Vino” Rosé- Reg. $12.99 SALE $9.99

Second up this week we have the Vino Rosé. A delicate pink color, this rosé is beautiful in the glass. Made of 100% sangiovese and aged on lees, this is a true Italian style rosé.The nose is expansive, exhibiting aromas of melon, faint cherry and dried herbs. On the palate the wine is very pure, with similar fruit flavors shown in the nose before leading into a nice amount of acid and minerality. The finish is dry while still being thirst quenching. Another great wine for the hot days we are having, this rosé is a great way to start off our rosé season!
Charles Smith “CS” Cabernet- Reg. $19.99 SALE $16.99

Third up for the evening we have the “CS” Cabernet Sauvignon. Another of Charles Smith’s wines (noticing a theme?) this cab is layered with complexity. Bursting with flavors of black cherry and cassis the fruit of this wine is classic Cab. The middle is earthy and full before giving way to tobacco and savory spices. The finish is smooth and compelling with excellent structure and lingers on the palate for quite some time. It also got 93 points from Wine Advocate!

“Boom Boom” Syrah- Reg. $18.99 SALE $15.99
Last up we have the “Boom Boom” Syrah. A blend of 97% Syrah with 3% Viogner this wine is a beautiful. As soon as you open the bottle you are greeted with aromas of fresh-picked herbs and wet earth. On the palate, rich black cherry and tobacco are followed by hints of lavender on the finish. A great bottle to pair with food, especially heavy meats or savory dishes. As Charles Smith puts it, this wine is: “An explosive dark cherry bomb!”

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