Win Rockies tickets, Thirsty Thursday tasting

Thirsty Thursday Beer Tasting

Please join us tonight from 5-7pm for our FREE, new, in-store, weekly, Thirsty Thursday beer tasting. We will only be sending a few more of these beer emails to everyone. If you’d like to know what is going on with beer in the future, including new brews and what we’re tasting, please click the Sign Up link below this paragraph. Last week, the Eric the Red from Odd13 was the customer favorite. This week, Robin will be pouring Sanitas Brewing Beer. Robin has been a beer connoisseur at Pettyjohn’s for six and a half years and we’re excited to have him start spreading his passion to our community.

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America’s Pastime- Baseball and Beer!
rockies tix
ROCKIES TICKET GIVEAWAY– Join us for a baseball and beer promotion every Thursday. All you have to do is attend our tasting from 5-7pm on Thursdays and you’ll be entered to win! Each Thursday after the tasting we will pull one name from our box. That person will receive two tickets to the new rooftop deck OR two Rockpile seats to a future game. Play Ball!

                            OUR THURSDAY LINE-UP:

Sanitas Saison Ale

Have you ever been “hopped out,” indulging in too many IPAs? If so, the Sanitas Saison can help you! Pours with a light carbonation and a hazy wheat color, this Saison still has a subtle hop flavor, but is mostly dominated by a sweet belgian yeast flavor. This is a great summertime brew, and even if it is not your preferred style, you’ll find it goes down wonderfully easy.  
Sanitas IPA 
This IPA has all the classic characteristics: resins, pine, tropical fruit, grapefruit, etc. It sets itself aside in the crowded Colorado IPA market as one that has a crisper dry finish than most. Sweet malts help balance the bitterness and make for a delightful IPA sure to satisfy any jonesin’ hop head.
Sanitas Black IPA  
The Black IPA is the first distributed release from Sanitas Brewing, and is often a favorite of those who seek this style. Upfront this beer has aggressive malt flavors, mostly chocolate. In the middle the hops start to show their citrus notes, and by the end completely take over leaving you with a bitter finish. It is interesting to have such a malted beer that still has a light body, and this one pulls it off great.
Sanitas Grand Cru  
If you are tasting this Belgian Strong Dark Ale beware of its high abv. of 10%. It is pretty unique to have a strong Belgian in a four pack, and for that we tip our hats to Sanitas Brewing. If you think about it, you’re really getting eight normal 12 oz. beers worth of alcohol in this four pack… not too shabby. This beer is ruby red in color and has a slight carbonation. The bready sweet yeast balances nicely with the malts.

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