The best of the best! And wine jokes, no foolin’

Malbec Madness Championship!

Get ready for some intense lip-rouging and white tablecloth staining because the madness finale is tonight! Join us for our weekly FREE in-store wine tasting tonight from 5-7. We will be pouring the best of the best Malbecs chosen for the people, then by the people. It all comes down to this- see which Malbec rules them all tonight!

April Foolin’

wine jokego_away


Zorzal Terrior Unico Malbec- Reg. $15.99 SALE $11.99

First up in the “Final Four” matchup is the Zorzal Terroir Unico Malbec. This wine has lived on our Malbec shelf for some time and has always been an easy buy. Dark Ruby in color, it pours beautifully with accompanying aromas of black fruit and spice. The wine has well defined fruit as it enters the mouth and has great volume with a very particular texture resulting from the chalky soils. Its tannins are sharp, making it very direct, with nerve and a very long finish. Will it beat the Domaine Bousquet this week and maybe win it all? Come try it and find out!

Domaine Bousquet Malbec Reserva- Reg. $16.99 SALE $13.99
domaine bousquet
Facing off against the Zorzal Malbec, we have the Bousquet Reserve Malbec. It is a wine of dark violet color with reddish hues. In the nose it presents intense aromas of blackberry with notes of black currant and plum. On the palate it is a balanced and elegant wine, with pure fruit expression like raspberry, fig, and chocolate. It has a well-defined velvety style, excellent structure and a long finish. A great wine to be in the “Final Four,” this is everything a Malbec should be while not being the death of your wallet. Even better, it’s also organic and got 92 points from Tasting Panel!

Lamadrid Single Vineyard Malbec- Reg. $15.99 SALE $12.99 

Facing off against the Graffito is the Lamadrid Single Vineyard Malbec. The little brother to the Lamadrid we had a few weeks ago, this win is also amazing. Hand-harvested and created by Hector Durigutti, a master of Malbec, this wine is a beauty without destroying your wallet. Deep fruit flavors and spice notes show through in the nose before being mimicked and emphasized on the palate. Creamy and dark fruit notes linger alongside spice through the finish while not being overly aggressive. This wine also received a “best buy” recommendation from Wine Spectator which we happen to agree with. It really is a great buy!

Graffito Malbec- Reg. $19.99 SALE $16.99
Last up, and in the second play-off match, is the Graffito Malbec.  This wine starts off big with the nose being full of rose petal, incense and spicy perfume with a bass note of smoky earth and espresso. Juicy and medium-bodied, it expands and intensifies in the mouth, gaining density and complexity as it is savored. The palate balances red currant fruit and hints of black pepper with loads of mouth-coating ripe tannins that are common in old vine Malbecs. Finishes with smooth, lush tannins, ripe acidity and good length. A nice big Malbec and a great way to wrap up Malbec Madness.

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