IPA’s with a certain hue

Four great beers to taste for FREE! In-store, every Thursday, 5-7pm. Join us!

Red Beer Tasting
red beer

Please join us tonight for our brand spankin’ new, FREE, in-store, weekly beer tasting, from 5-7pm. This week, Robin will be pouring some delightfully pleasant hoppy red brews. Robin has been a beer connoisseur at Pettyjohn’s for six and a half years and we’re excited to have him start spreading his passion to our community. Don’t miss your chance to try these four free beers- see you then!


Odell’s Runoff Red IPA 
Odell's Runoff Red

Every year I look forward to Odell’s seasonal release Runoff Red IPA. With a deeper amber color than your usual IPA, and great carbonation, this beer pours perfect like those in the commercials. The flavors of citrus fruits and pine come through brightly, while balancing out with a nice subtle malt toffee finish.
Deschutes Red Chair NWPA
Deschutes Red Chair NWPA
The Red Chair NWPA (North West Pale Ale) is somewhat similar to the Runoff Red, but would be a better choice if you want a little more of a unique hop experience. The malts in this beer are more subtle than the others in this tasting, offering a nice grain like flavor. The highlight here though is the hop characteristics of pine, grapefruit, and orange, with a crisp lingering taste.

Odd 13 Eric the Red IPA 
  Odd 13 Eric The Red IPA
Eric the Red has quickly become almost as popular here at Pettyjohn’s as the others tasted tonight, despite being from the youngest brewery of the bunch, and one which still self distributes. The malts are deeper and sweeter than the others, offering a nice version of a red IPA for someone who prefers less bitterness. This beer has 7.07% abv, which is higher than the first two tasted, and it is sure hidden well.

Ninkasi Dawn of the Red IRA 
Ninkasi Dawn Of The Red IRA

The last Red IPA to taste is the Dawn of the Red IRA (India Red Ale) from Ninkasi. At 7% abv, this beer is more like Eric the Red than the others. The color is lighter, and the smell less sweet than Eric the Red, and that is because this is more focused on the hop profile. Similar to the others in citrus hop characteristics, this would be a good choice for someone who wants a lot of hops, and big beer that hides its abv well.

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