Pinot Noir Tasting at Carelli’s

Taste Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara County.
Join us Tuesday, April 26th at Carelli’s
santa barbara wine“No viticultural region in America has demonstrated as much progress in quality and potential for greatness as… the Santa Barbara region, where the Burgundian varietals Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are planted in its cooler climates.”- Food & Wine, Robert Parker Jr.

It seems that just about every time I have the opportunity to taste a Pinot Noir from the Santa Barbara county, it lifts me off the floor. The terroir of this region- the valleys that run east and west, cool ocean breezes, and unique soils make this an exciting wine region to explore and taste how it is expressed in Pinot Noir.

Diners enjoy lunch at Carelli’s in Boulder, Colorado May 23, 2012. CAMERA/ MARK Leffingwell
Santa Barbara is currently home to five American Viticulture Areas (AVAs), with at least two more on the horizon. Join us from 6:30 to 8PM, Tuesday, April 26, to taste seven outstanding Pinot Noir’s, while enjoying Carelli’s delicious appetizers. Seats are limited, $35.00 per person, call Pettyjohn’s at 303-499-2337 (BEER) to reserve your spot. A credit card is required.

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