More Magnificent Malbecs for March Madness

Week 3 of Malbec Madness

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend! Join us and warm up for our weekly FREE in-store wine tasting tonight from 5-7. Charlie will be pouring the third set of four sets of Malbecs in our Malbec Madness competition, pitting two Malbecs against one another to find a clear customer favorite. Just print your brackets or fill them out on Fridays before you taste, choosing the wines that the most people will enjoy. The person who gets the most correct wins an $80 delightful Argentinian Malbec. Learn all sorts of stuff about Malbec here. Let the madness ensue!


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MDZ Malbec- Reg. $11.49 SALE $9.49 

For our first wine of the first matchup this week, we have the MDZ Malbec. This 100% Malbec showcases the best and classic qualities of Mendoza. The nose comes alive with hints of mocha, blueberry, cherries, and rose petals that lead to a rich mouth feel held up by a good structure and smooth tannins. This fruit driven wine showcases boysenberry, blackberry, cocoa and cola nut flavors on the palate. The finish is long and smooth with hints of dried herbs and cedar that encapsulate the bright and vibrant wine. This wine has been flying of the shelves and its easy to see why!

Pascual Toso Malbec- Reg. $13.99 SALE $10.49 

Second up and facing off against the MDZ is the Pascual Toso Estate Malbec. On the nose, this wine is clean and fruity, full of plums and quince with a little touch of elegant oak. The palate has a strong start with blackberry and licorice fruit that keeps a firm grip through the finish. A thick and rich mouth-feel and a long finish with smoky accents of vanilla and lingering oak round out this wine and lend to the complexity. We’ve had this one on the shelf for some time and it being Malbec Madness thought we should showcase one that has been a store favorite for some time.

Crios Malbec – Reg. $14.49 SALE $11.99

crios malbec

First up in the second match up of the night we have the Crios Malbec. Beautiful reddish-purple color, you can tell this is going to be a big Malbec as soon as your pour it. The aromas in the nose are a mix of freshly crushed black cherries and subtle coffee and vanilla notes, with just enough strength to frame the bright fruit. On the palate, the flavors of cherries and spice are obvious, and the jammy fruit quality just keeps coming on, with hints of spice and sandalwood lurking in the background. The oak aging shows through on the finish, rounding out the  wine and giving it added depth.

Graffito Malbec- Reg. $19.99 SALE $16.99
Last up and facing off against the Crios is the Graffito Malbec.  This wine starts off big with the nose being full of rose petal, incense and spicy perfume with a bass note of smoky earth and espresso. Juicy and medium-bodied, it expands and intensifies in the mouth, gaining density and complexity as it is savored. The palate balances red currant fruit and hints of black pepper with loads of mouth-coating ripe tannins that are common in old vine Malbecs. Finishes with smooth, lush tannins, ripe acidity and good length. A nice big Malbec to finish off week 3 of Malbec Madness!

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