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Happy March! We hope you had a splendid February and hope you get a few more good runs in at the slopes before springtime takes effect. Pettyjohn’s is happy to announce the return of our Malbec Madness brackets, pitting the best of the best Malbecs against each other for a chance to win an $80 Malbec Grand Prize. Also, be on the lookout for a Jacques Pépin cookbook giveaway soon. Here are you new Exclusive E-Deals, prices on products for email customers only. Just mention this email at the counter and the deal is yours. Enjoy!
Top 11 FAQ about Wine

10. Where are the best values coming from these days?

9. What wines should I serve at a party (or to any large gathering)?

7. Should I decant?

3. Why does wine give me headaches; sulfites, right?

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bv merlot

BV Coastal Merlot- Reg. $11.49, YOUR PRICE $7.99
Limited Supply!  


“Beau lieu” – A Beautiful Story about a Beautiful Place

In 1900, when Georges de Latour’s wife, Fernande, first laid eyes on the land that would become their original Rutherford vineyard, she named it “beau lieu,” or “beautiful place.” Shortly thereafter, de Latour sold his thriving cream of tartar business, bought the four-acre ranch and founded Beaulieu Vineyard with the vision of making Napa Valley wines that would rival those of his native France.
De Latour quickly made a name for himself by importing Phylloxera-resistant rootstock from Europe to the recently-ravaged fledgling California wine industry. He also began selling wine to the Catholic Church, establishing a strong relationship that would allow Beaulieu Vineyard to become the only Napa Valley winery to remain in business during Prohibition.

La Famiglia Zinfandel- Reg. 2 for $15, YOUR PRICE $6.99

la famiglia zinfandel

La Famiglia Zinfandel

Varietal Blend: 92% Zinfandel, 3% Petite Sirah, 2% Alicante Bouchet, 1% Barbera, 1% Zinfandel Primativo, 1% Sangiovese
Vintage: 2012Winemaker’s Notes: Luscious concentrated blackberry, plumy aromas with brambly flavors of rhubarb, strawberry and vanilla with lingering hints of toast and smoke.  The wine will pair well with roasted or grilled meats, sausages or even with more complex, spicy dishes such as jambalaya or paella.

Peter Lehmann ‘Portrait’ Cabernet- Reg. $9.99,

lehmann cabernet
YOUR PRICE $7.99  


Peter Lehmann Portrait Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from all corners of the Barossa Valley, taking full advantage of the variety’s multiple characteristics.

Vineyards from the north, which are higher and enjoy cooling gully winds, capture the perfumed varietal character, while the southern vineyards are richer, and create the backbone of this complex and rewarding wine.

This is one of the most popular wines from the region (with Wine-Searcher users). This wine has been climbing in popularity during the year.

Average Price $ 15 (USD)

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Avery 6 Packs Reg. 9.19, YOUR PRICE 7.81!

avery brewing ipa
 Avery in the Community:   

Our passion is beer, and we have the utmost respect for people whose passion is growing our arts community; or ensuring everyone has access to safe drinking water; or addressing homelessness; or encouraging folks to be active stewards of our public lands; or allowing people with disabilities to experience skiing. We are honored that our beers play a role in the missions of these laudable organizations. Our beers may raise them money or make their meetings less dull or provide a reward after a long volunteer shift. With the power of beer in mind, we fervently donate to groups whose missions are dedicated to helping others. It’s a privilege that our passion can help fuel your passion.



Maker’s Mark Whiskey 750ml- Reg 34.95, YOUR PRICE 24.95! 


Just like the three R’s (reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic) make up those basic educational essentials we’re all so familiar with, the four W’s (water, wheat, wood and wax) are the time-honored, fundamental elements when it comes to crafting Maker’s Mark®.


The red wax we hand-dip our bottles in is every bit as recognizable as the Maker’s Mark® name. It’s been around since our very first bottle rolled off the line and, so far, we think it’s worked out real well.

Trial and error

As part of one of the most recognizable package designs in the liquor industry today, our red wax has given Maker’s Mark® its distinctive look since 1958. The formula was created by Tom Hammond after six months of very messy trial and error in Tom’s own garage.

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