Friday, Dec 4 Wine Tasting and Mulled Wine Recipes

Time to celebrate the snow!

Another wonderful week here in Boulder has come and gone and there is more great wine to try for the weekend! We at Pettyjohn’s have the displays all set up for the holidays and there are tons of great sales in all the departments. Stop by and check them out and have some wine while you’re at it! Speaking of great sales, a wine that isn’t in the tasting but should be on your radar is the Federalist Chardonnay. Typically around $19, we got a great deal on this and currently have it in our 2 for $15 display. A great wine with a great price tag!

This Friday we are tasting some killer wines that are not only perfect for the rest of the Holidays, but killer all the time, with price tags that won’t kill your wallet. Tasting wines from around the world, there is sure to be something that anyone will enjoy. Stop by tonight and see for yourself. Hope to see you there!

Mmmm, Mulled wine. Glug, glug, Glogg
Mulled-Wine-300x221‘Tis the season for some mulled wine. Spice things up a bit while warming up this December. Mulled wine is hugely popular along with eggnog at holiday parties and is super easy to make. We carry all the whiskey, brandy, cider, wine, etc. that you’ll need. Stop in today!
Glogg (Nordic Mulled Wine) Recipe
Slow Cooker Mulled Wine/Hot Cider
Mulled White Wine (Pinot Grigio, Sauv Blanc, or French Burgundy)

Scarpetta Sparkling Rosé Brut- Reg. $23.99 SALE $16.99 
The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without some sparkling wine and this beautiful wine is a perfect one for any occasion. From the owners of Frasca, this sparkling wine is sure to please anyone. With light aromas of strawberries and flowers in the nose, it’s a great wine before you even taste it. On the palate it is crisp and dry with flavors of strawberries and a touch of herbs. Wonderful to serve with lighter foods like salads or fish, specifically salmon!
Locations “F” Rosé- Reg. $13.99 SALE $9.99 
We just couldn’t stop ordering rosé this year. This one, which we brought in for the Holidays, is a rich, deep salmon color that consumes the glass with a pale orange crown on the rim. The nose is filled with fresh red berries, ripe watermelon, wildflowers, and hint of dusty minerality. The entry is fresh and supple with a raspberry foundation that is accentuated with tangerine and sappy strawberry notes. The finish is a sprightly one thanks to flinty, stony details and bright tones of acidity. A great rosé to have even if it’s getting colder in Boulder!
Coppola Merlot- Reg. $17.99 SALE $15.99
The Coppola Merlot is another reason to stop believing the things they said in the movie “Sideways.” A beautiful wine, this one has intense aromas of raspberry, crushed berries, vanilla and leather. On the palate it has deep dark fruit, such as plum and blackberry, framed by soft and smooth tannins balanced by its natural acidity. We have this one set up in our pork and lamb display and think it’s a great wine to give you some Holiday cheer!
Ch. St. Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon- Reg. $15.99 SALE $13.99
Last up we have the Ch. St. Michelle Cabernet. A best seller at Pettyjohns, we really love this wine. A blend of mostly Cabernet with Syrah, Merlot and a few other grapes, this wine is crafted in typical Washinton style. It is full of concentrated red fruit with plenty of complexity and silky tannins. A versatile food wine, we think it goes best with beef (and it’s found in our Beef Display!) But as we always say here: Drink what you like!

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