Scary-Good Wine Tasting, Friday, October 30 with What We Love Winery

What We Love Winery and Pettyjohn’s are teaming up tonight to bring you AMAZING Sangrias that are perfect for holiday and Halloween festivities, whether you are trick-or-treating with your kids orsmashing pumpkins (or both). We decided that too few people are familiar with these tasty gems. Join us tonight from 5-7pm and enjoy a warm red and a chilled white sangria from our friends at What We Love. They will be signing bottles and bringing in their adorable St. Bernard, Saint Chloe. Don’t miss this great event. See you soon!
what we love wineryEPIC LOCAL PASS GIVEAWAY
Pettyjohn’s knows you’re aching for some fresh powder. Most of us drop big bucks every year for these passes. Save your money and win an EPIC Local Pass (valued around $700) just by coming into Pettyjohn’s. We will give away ONE pass to a lucky customer on Tuesday, Nov. 17. To enter, you must be 21+ and enter our drawing at the store. No purchase necessary. A customer can enter once a day until Monday, Nov. 16. We will also put a secret code word in our emails that doubles your entry if you write down the code word on your entry for that day. Good luck to everyone!

What do you get with this pass?


What We Love Fire & Ice (Hot or Cold) Red Sangria- Reg. $20.99 SALE $18.99
What We Love Decadent Saint (Cold only) White Sangria- Reg. $20.99 SALE $18.99
Not only can this be drunk cold over ice with Seltzer or soda water, but it also makes a delicious Mimosa when mixed with a dry champagne or Prosecco. The perfect Sunday morning brunch cocktail! (and it’s high in vitamin C too because of the real fruit concentrates!)

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