Friday, September 18 Tasting

This week I was asked an interesting question… “What are all of us wine drinkers supposed to do for Oktoberfest? A very valid question if you ask me. These Oktoberfest-ivals are packed to the brim with gallon-sized beer steins and enough beer to drown Andre the Giant, but there is not a drop of vino to be found.
Solution #1Infinite Monkey Theorem wine in a can. I bet you could have guessed, but we now carry four varieties of the IMT cans and they are killer! These 8oz cans are compact and concealable, as well as delicious, convenient, and perfect to bring to a beer festival. Plus, we are pulling back some tabs tonight so everyone can get a free sample.
Solution #2– Skip the beer fest and stop by Pettyjohn’s for our free in-store wine tasting. Every Friday from 5-7 we have our own festival! Stop by tonight and start your weekend with us.
Here’s what we are pouring tonight:

The Infinite Monkey Theorem White Wine in a can- Reg. $3.99 single, $14.99 Four-Pack
IMT white
Loads of upfront starfruit on the nose with white peach, citrus and cardamom following. The light carbonation lifts the citrus fruits on the palate to a smooth and refreshing finish. Special feature: Shotgun-able.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem Rosé in a can- Reg. $3.99 single, $14.99 Four-Pack
IMW rose

Like a bowl of fresh summer berries drizzled with cream. Intense strawberries and raspberries burst on the palate with light carbonation, great acid, and a hint of residual sugar. Easy to open, easy to drink, easy to recycle.

Valle Dell’Acate Il Frappato- Reg. $18.99 SALE $15.99
Valle Dell'Acate Il Frappato

Frappato is actually a grape variety known for growing in dense black Sicilian soils and expressing lovely elegance from first waft to last sip. This wine is 100% Frappato and that’s easy to see from the very clear, elegant ruby red color. The aroma is vibrantly fragrant, fresh and overpowering; hints of red fruits, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, violet flowers and sage. Very vivacious and fresh on the palate and particularly aromatic because of red fruit and rosebuds, and a dry, pleasant and persistent finish. It’s known to all of us- this Frappato cranks!

Baracchi O’Lillo!- Reg. $18.99 SALE $14.99
Baracchi O'LilloThis Tuscan blend has been flying off the shelves, so we decided it was time to put this baby on sale. 25% Merlot, 25% Sangiovese, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Syrah. Beautiful ruby red color. Traditional in its complexity, roundness, and elegance, yet modern in its intense fruitiness, accessibility, and soft tannins. Ruby color, with scents of varietals flavors.

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