Forthright Fortnight Deals 9/8/15-9/20/15

Don’t miss these Forthright Fortnight Deals!
We hope no one labored too hard this Labor Day Weekend. Nothing says four-day work-week more than great, end-of-summer wine at special prices just for you and all your hard work this summer. After getting your special deals for email subscribers only, start your weekend off with a zang at our Bloody Mary Tasting! See you soon and don’t forget to mention this email!

Sincerely Sauvignon Reg. $14.99 YOUR PRICE $9.99!
Type : White
Style : Dry
Taste : Herbaceous
Tasting Notes: Predominant flavors: tropical fruit with herbaceous overtones, whilst the overall impression is of elegance and delicacy with a long flavorsome finish.
Blend Information: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Chalone Pinot Noir $15.99 YOUR PRICE $7.99!

Opulent currant and black cherry aromas are accentuated by a light earthiness, like a pine forest after rain. The same fruit elements in the powerful flavors mingle with smokey oak and vanilla notes, and build to a long, sweet finish. Big, harmonious, complex and graceful, this is delicious Pinot Noir with a promising future. Try it with moderately spicy Thai or Cajun dishes, smoked salmon and don’t forget mild cheese.

Upslope Brewing Company Reg 6 PACKS $7.35, Special 6 $9.19!

CHEAPEST UPSLOPE IN TOWN! (we called) Upslope Brewery, which opened in 2008, has been a popular staple of our beer department since it opened.  Opened with a love of all things Colorado, this brewery’s beers are a true testament to the Boulder scene.  Their range of beers, frequently just referred to by the number in which they were added to the brewery’s year round line up, has something for everyone! The Pale Ale (Num. 1) is dry and crisp with an unmistakable hop spice to the finish. The Craft Lager (Num. 4) is… Read more

Breckenridge Vodka $24.95 YOUR PRICE $19.95!

Warning! Breckenridge Vodka is not another boring neutral Vodka. The minerality of our snowmelt water used for proofing defines one of The World’s only Vodka terroirs. This Vodka is bursting with flavor.
Mash Bill:
100% Sweet Corn

Neutral spirit distilled from grain
Five times distilled to 194 proof
Coconut Shell Charcoal
Most famous achievement:
Medal winner at both the International Wine and Spirits and World Spirits Competitions.

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Bloody Mary Tasting- Saturday, 9/12 11am-1pm

Our liquor buyer, Brady, is a big fan of customizable cocktails. Bring your friends and join him for some interesting and delicious takes on this weekend-beverage classic. The Bloody Mary can take many more forms than vodka and tomato juice. For better Bloodies, try… Read more

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    Greens dark (Gluten Free)


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