Friday, August 14 Tasting

Need back-to-school relief? Here at Pettyjohn’s we are always keeping our ears open so we can taste, stock, and provide the products that excite all of our wonderful customers. Over the past few weeks we have heard a bunch of people asking us to taste more boxed and sparkling wine; so this week’s tasting has exactly that! Stop by tonight from 5-7 for our FREE in-store tasting that was put together by all of you that provided us with some lovely positive feedback. This is for those of you who have been after that affordable-yet-tasty sparkling wine perfect for morning mimosas and can stand on its own and impress. Plus, for those enjoying the box boom, we have a nice treat for you. Tonight we are twisting the spout of what we consider the cream of the crop! Thanks for all the great suggestions! See you tonight.

Arte Litino Cava Brut- Reg. $8.99

Arte Litino may look like a new product on the shelves but in fact it’s an old standby showing off a fancy new makeover. New package, new name, same great bubbles, and value that we knew when this was still called Cristalino. Bright and breezy fizz with a gorgeous stream of tiny bubbles and a temptingly fresh lemon and lime-peel aroma. Refreshingly light and crisp.

Chateau St. Jean North Coast Chardonnay- Reg. $14.99 SALE $11.99

A little while back we had a customer come to us and tell us how much she loves this wine and asked if we’d please put it on sale. Needless to say we were happy to and it encouraged us to revisit this Chard. It always has been great, but WOW it seemed we had forgotten how good it really is. The bright aromas of this wine are enticing with notes of ripe apple, creamy lemon pie, warm vanilla and brown spice notes. The soft palate is rich and supple with juicy fruit flavors of fresh nectarine, apple and pineapple. Pleasing notes of toasted hazelnut and subtle brown baking spice add complexity. The wine is well balanced with a great core of fruit and bright acidity.

La Maialina Gertrude Rosso Toscana- Reg.$ 15.99 SALE $11.99

This wine is new to us thanks to several requests. Let me just say you all have great palates! Unmistakably Tuscan with aromas of rich red fruits and hints of earthiness and leather. Flavors of sweet cherry are nicely balanced by earth and spice, with a smooth and dry finish. A perfect pairing for quick pasta with tomato sauce. Also great savings for your piggy bank!

Casina di Cornia Organic Box- Reg. $34.99 SALE $28.99

This is so delicious but we fear some people have missed its glory due to the price. It’s not our cheapest boxed wine but it is worth every penny! 100% Sangiovese from the estate’s organically-grown Chianti Classico vineyard. This light, fruity-yet-spicy table wine is a perfect choice for chicken, fish, and simple foods.

Telluride Brewing Co. GIVEAWAY!

telluride brewing pettyjohns

Telluride will be on sale for two weeks for $8.73. The first three customers who check out some Telluride beer will receive a T-shirt or hat (under the counter, whichever you prefer). Look for their Bridal Veil Pale Ale, Face Down Brown Ale, and Tempter IPA all on discount.

We know our customers love our Northern neighbor. Checkout Upslope’s Lee Hill BBQ Cookout

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