Forthright Fortnight Deals- 6/16-6/28

“To drink or not to drink, that is a silly question.”- Pettyjohn’s

It is time for the next edition of Forthright Fortnight deals. These deals are created every two weeks uniquely for you, our online customers. We went to Eddyline and Elevations Brewing to scope out their best brews, traveled to Lexington, Ky, in ‘spirit’, and scored some amazing wine deals from around the world for you as well.

“Better three hours too soon, than a minute too late” – William Shakespeare

These deals last until Sunday, June 28, at 6PM. Just mention this email/post to get your special pricing.


tariquet sauvignon blanc pettyjohns blogTariquet Sauvignon Blanc- Reg 11.99, Sale 9.99, YOUR PRICE 7.99  

Already a customer favorite, this French Sauvignon Blanc has a distinctive bouquet with fine intense floral notes and some minerality. “A fine expression of Sauvignon Blanc, this wine is a delight.” Excellent with starters such as fish, seafood, or white meat.

Ruffino Chianti- Reg 12.49, YOUR PRICE 8.99Ruffino Chiant Pettyjohns Blog

Medium-bodied and well-balanced, approachable and aromatic, with classic Chianti aromas of violet and cherry fruit flavors. It finishes with spicy hints of wild cherry and hazelnut. Guess what it pairs well with? You got it- Italian dishes!

Painted Wolf Wines Pinotage Pettyjohns BlogPainted Wolf Wines- The Den Pinotage 2012- Reg 13.99, Sale 9.99, YOUR PRICE 7.99

Like shopping by labels? This one is quite artsy. The wine is Intense and fruit-packed with a smorgasbord of red and black summer berries, savory spice and toasty wood flavors. It has fine bright tannins and a long, fresh finish.

Casal Garcia Vinho Verde- Reg 8.99 Sale 7.99 YOUR PRICE 6.99Casal garcia vinho verde pettyjohns blog

One of our most popular summer sippers. Slightly effervescent and delightfully light. Juicy, citrus notes and gentle fruit. Serve chilled on a deck/patio or with shellfish if you’re not allergic. (to shellfish, not decks or patios)


We took a little road-trip to Buena Vista and Poncha Springs and checked out two up-and-coming Colorado breweries, Eddyline and Elevations. Just a few hours Southwest of Boulder, these spots are perfect halfway points to the Four Corners area or they are a perfect pairing with some well-known ski/mountain biking areas. Both breweries were pretty similar in size, the differences were their locations. Eddyline in Buena Vista seemed to be at the heart of the pretty, centralized town. Elevations seemed to have the heart of the townspeople of Pncha Springs, but the town was spread out over a few miles. Both were very enjoyable and Elevations won our heart with it’s delicious attached food cart. Because we like both and our beer lovers, enjoy 10% OFF all Eddyline and Elevations 6-Packs and Bombers. These include IPAs, Pale Ales, Kolsch, Porters, and their specialty brews. We suggest Eddyline’s River Runner Pale and Elevations’ Raspberry Gulch for great summertime sipping/gulping.

Wall Mural
Wall Mural
Crank Yanker IPA
Crank Yanker IPA
Elevations Outside
Elevations Outside
Elevations TapRoom
Elevations TapRoom


Lexington Bourbon Whiskey- SALE PRICE 24.95 

Lexington Whiskey Pettyjohns Blog

Brought in because it is a customer’s favorite Bourbon. After a couple months of finagling with the wholesaler, we were able to work out a great deal for everyone. Loyal to the Kentucky bourbon tradition, unabashedly emphasizing sweet and vanilla notes without any thrills. The brand’s motto is “Passion. Quality. Tradition.” Lexington is predominately a mix of bourbon and rye, attempting to combine the smoothness of the corn with the spiciness of the rye.

These deals expire Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 6PM. Enjoy!

Don’t forget! Oskar Blues is doing a cook-out at Pettyjohn’s Sat, June 27, from 230-430. Bring your hunger.

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