Forthright Fortnight Deals for Your Eyes Only

We want to thank you for shopping at Pettyjohn’s and reward you for your loyalty. In honor of the return of Boulder’s Shakespeare Festival, every fortnight(two weeks) we will have a discount for certain items that only email/internet customers can receive. Just mention this email/post and get the special, discounted price at checkout.

Marietta Christo Rhône RedWine: Marietta Christo Rhône Red

“The NV Christo Lot 2 is a new wine brothers Jake and Scot Bilbro have dedicated to their father Christo. Smoke, game, tobacco and loads of dark fruit jump out of the glass in a delicious, Syrah-based red that delivers outstanding quality and value. Dollops of Petite Syrah, Grenache and Viognier round out the blend. I would prefer to drink the Lot 2 over the next few years, while the flavors retain their youthful exuberance.” (1/2015) 90 points Antonio Galloni

Pettyjohn’s Regular Price: $19.99

Sale Price: $16.99

YOUR PRICE: $14.99 with email mention

seven of heart chardSeven of Hearts Willamette Chardonnay

“Vibrant and Well-Rounded,” A broad interpretation of Northen Williamette Valley’s signature white grape 50% Neutral French Oak, 50% Stainless Steel

Regular Price: $15.99

Sale Price: $12.99


Liquor: Dr. McGillicuddy’s Peach Schnapps 750ml

Dr. McGillicuddy's Peach SchnappsRegular Price: $14.95


“Fuzzy Nipple”
1 1/2 oz vodka
1 1/2 oz Dr. McGillicuddy’s Peach schnapps
1 dash triple sec
2/3 part orange juice

Pour all liquids over ice and shake. Pour into highball glass and garnish with either an orange wheel or a cherry. Can also be made frozen.

Beer: $1 OFF any Session-style 6-Pack of beer with email mention

Ever-popular Session-style beers are a touch lighter in alcohol, meaning one can have more beer and get less tipsy in one ‘session’. These ‘sessions’ date back to WWI when workers received a few hours of drinking time per day, but weren’t allowed to get too drunk. Session-style beers are emerging from tons of breweries and are perfect for the warm weather.

A few session beers we carry in 6-packs:

Boulevard Pop-UP-IPA-Bottle-Label Firestone-Walker-Easy-Jack-Summer-Session-IPA-840x513 GoToIPA_6pack

ODE LL Label_021313

Please enjoy these deals for email/online customers ONLY. Just mention this post to get your discount at checkout. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, EXPIRES 6/14/15 at 6PM.

shakespeare festival

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