Friday Rave: Merlot Me

Another great article to check out regarding wine.

the drunken cyclist

I have never really understood Merlot. For me, it is a bit of a “tweener” variety–it is neither  as bold as Cabernet Sauvignon, nor as expressive as Pinot Noir or Syrah. I have always had trouble deciding when to drink it. When I am having a big juicy steak, the choice is clearly Cabernet (or perhaps an earthy Zinfandel). When I am having some pork, or a more delicate dish, I grab a Pinot (or two). A before dinner red? Although a rare occurrence, I will reach for a Syrah, Zin, or a Pinot. After dinner? Cab, Zin, dessert wine.

You get the idea.

There is generally never a moment when I think: “Boy, a Merlot would be perfect right now,” and my cellar reflects that: I have a total of eight bottles of Merlot (less than one half of one percent of my wine), and one of those was…

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  2. jcopp2020 says:

    This might sound a bit odd but my favorite time to sip Merlot is when I’m out in the woods huddled around a campfire. Night sky, smoke in the air, graham and mallow in hand, it all just says Merlot to me. Not that the dense tannin and sometimes dusty aspects of Merlot are suited to be paired with marshmallows, but the graham cracker is a surprisingly fair partner to the robust yet generally elegant round fruit of the grape. Next time you hit the hills try it out. Three Thieves a brand that brings winemakers Charles Bieler, Charles Smith, and Joel Gott together makes a Merlot called Bandit in a one litter pouch that’s beyond perfect of the wine-drinking outdoorsman. I always imagined Merlot to be like Porter if you think in beer terms. There’s darker and lighter beers with more flavor and discernible food pairings, but sometimes you’ll find the Porters got that “it” factor, the Goldie Locks effect. For me a nice Merlot as I set by the fire is just right!


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