Friday Rant: Arsenic and Wine

A nice viewpoint on the arsenic and wine debacle. Don’t believe everything you hear!

the drunken cyclist

As a researcher, before you claim anything to be “true” you try your darndest to prove it to be false. Sure, you hold out hope that your groundbreaking hypothesis turns out to be true, people consider it to be revolutionary in your field, and you become famous. This then leads to incredible wealth, there are books written and movies made about you, soon, you start dating super-models and drive a Tesla.

I just made that up—no one really thinks stuff like that, particularly me.



Any way, the point is that any good research starts with a hypothesis, which you then try to disprove.

At least that is the way it is supposed to go.

Many of you have no doubt heard the “news” this week concerning the levels of arsenic in wine. For those of you that have not, basically, Kevin Hicks, the founder of a lab called BeverageGrades filled a class-action…

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