Pettyjohns St. Patrick’s Day Recipes- Green Grog, Milk Stout, and… Wine?

What says St. Patrick’s Day better than corned beef, cabbage, drinks and a warm day? We are sure these suggestions pair well with your festivities. We invite you to try your Irish car bombs with Left Hand Brewing’s Nitro Milk Stout with your typical Jameson or Bushmills Irish Whiskey. Left Hand put $250,000 into research and development for this nitrogen-infused, rocket-widget-free bottling process. Also, feel free to make a drink we’ve never had on our recipe list: Green Grog.

Don’t listen to the part about not having rum. That’s just a leprechaun trying to steal your fun…

Wine on St. Patty’s Day? Check out the video above to see which wines pair well with typical Irish dishes. Please stop by and visit us on this beautiful day in South Boulder. We have all the craft beer, liquor, and wine you will need for a great holiday. Your friends will be green with envy!

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