Please Help to Keep Colorado Local!

keep colorado local pic

Out-of-state corporations are bent on boosting their profits by selling alcohol in chain and convenience stores, endangering hundreds of local businesses throughout the state. It’s the little guy versus the big corporations. Local liquor stores are at risk, as well as Colorado’s craft breweries, local wineries, and craft distilleries.

 That’s why local, independent liquor stores, such as Pettyjohns Liquor and Wine, have teamed up with Colorado’s craft brewers, vintners, and distillers to fight this and KEEP COLORADO LOCAL. We’re a coalition, not a corporation, and we need you to join us.

 Will you add your name to stand up for the little guy against the out-of-state corporations? Will you stand with local, independent businesses?

 Chain stores selling alcohol will force hundreds of Colorado’s small businesses to close, and it will reduce our selection and choice of beer, wine, and spirits, since chain stores can’t stock small local brands or a wide-array of choices.  And it will hurt our state’s economy by sending profits to an out-of-state corporation instead of investing them here in our communities.

 Big chain stores plan on spending tens of millions of dollars to get what they want. So we need you and your network on our side to KEEP COLORADO LOCAL.

 click here and add your name here to keep these corporations from watering down our choice, selection, and craft culture.

 Thank you for your loyalty,

 The Coppinger Family and the Pettyjohns crew

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